Goodridge Mercedes Brake Lines

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As standard kits will come with stainless steel braided hoses with zinc plated fittings. To upgrade to stainless steel fittings, simply select Stainless from the drop down box titled Fittings.

You can choose a coloured cover for the lines. As standard lines will come with a clear coating and are at no extra cost for Clear and Black. Other coloured lines will add £0.00 per line and be treated as a special order. For more information please read about colour coated brake lines.

Model Year
190 (All Models) (W201) KCB-34-538-4 1983 - 1993 
200/300 (All Models) (W123) KCB-34-539-4  
200/300 (All Models) (W124) KCB-34-540-4  
C-Class (W202) - Early KCB-34-544-4 06/1993 - 05/2000 
C-Class (W202) - Late KCB-34-545-4 06/1993 - 05/2000 
C-Class (W203) + CLK (W209) KCB-34-546-4  
C220,C280 (W202) KCB-34-542-4  
C36 AMG KCB-34-543-4 1996 
CLK (C208/C209) + SLK (96-00) KCB-34-547-4  
E-Class /E55 (W210) KCB-34-548-4  
E-Class /E55 (W211) KCB-34-1003-4 03/2002 - on 
E-Class /E55 (W211) KCB-34-1039-4 03/2002-on 
G Wagon 460 / 461 chas 055306 / 903695 KCB-34-549-5  
G Wagon 463 KCB-34-550-3 1991> 
ML (W163) KCB-34-551-4 1999 - on 
S 55/65/350/430/500/600 W220 KCB-34-552-4  
S 55/65/350/430/500/600 W220 KCB-34-1040-4  
SLK 200 / SLK 55 AMG KCB-34-553-4 2003 - 2004 
Sprinter 2T/3T All KCB-34-541-4 1995> 
Vito (V-Class) KCB-34-554-4